Friday, August 24, 2012

Ghost Craft Kits For Kids

Here are some fun Ghost Craft Kits that kids will enjoy making.  You can gather ideas for easy and fun craft projects from these pictures, you can order these craft kits or craft supplies, browse and enjoy yourself...hey, comments are always welcomed, so please drop me a note!

Here Come The Ghosts!!

The Halloween Ghost Door Hanger Kit

Fleece Ghost Tied Pillow Craft Kit

Make Ghost Pins With Your Kids!

How To Make Ghost Treat Bags 

If you need some treat bags and love the ghost theme, here are some instructions to help you make those bags yourself...they are easy, you only need bags, wiggle eyes and some ribbons.  Here are the instructions and links to the supplies you need.

This Ghost Necklace Is A Sweet Treat Craft Project

Big Foam Ghost Shapes Help Make Halloween Projects Easy And Fun

The Ghost Footprint Craft Kit

Make A Ghost Windsock With Your Kids - Use This As A Halloween Party Activity, At Home Or At School!

Ghost Paper Plate Craft For Kids

 Make A Halloween Ghost Paper Plate Decoration Or A Spider Paper Plate Decoration!

Ghost Flowerpot Craft Kit

This Little Ghost Flowerpot Craft Kit Doesn't Scare Me...He Is Cute As Can Be!

This Earring Craft Kit Makes 6 Ghost Earrings...Look How Cute They Are!

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