Monday, August 27, 2012

Halloween Monster Craft Kits

Like Monsters?  Aren't they the perfect kid's craft kits for Halloween?  I found lots of fun crafts kits and materials you can use to make some scary Monster projects with your children.  There are one eyed monsters, blue monsters, classic monsters and even one that looks like a creature from  "Where The Wild Things Are".

 Monster Magnet Craft Kit

24 Paper Plate Monster Craft Kit

Halloween Stories Craft Kit

These Monster Picture frames which include a witch, a ghost, a vampire and a Frankenstein type monster are not a craft kit but they are adorable!  All you need to do is add a photo!

Halloween Character Picture Frames

Monster Picture Frame Kits For Kids

Foam Monster Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Make Your Own Super Hero Masks Craft Kit

I love this "Make Your Own Super Hero Masks" craft kit for kids.   Get the markers out and have some coloring fun...this kit comes with the uncolored masks - 12 of them - each mask has cut out eyes and an elastic band.  This looks like great fun at Halloween or any time of the year.  What a great activity for a kid's Super Hero themed birthday party.   Which mask will you choose?

Make Your Own Super Hero Mask

This is one of the most fun ideas I have found up to date...but I am a big Super Hero fan!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Halloween Skeleton Crafts Kits And Ideas For Kids

Skeletons are an iconic symbol of the Halloween season, so I thought it would only be right to picture lots of Skeleton Craft Kits for kids!

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Bones...

 Beaded Spool Skeleton Craft Kit

The Beaded Spool Skeleton Craft Kit - the spool and bead wooden craft kits are usually easy to work with, just watch out that no one tries to eat any of the beads...

Skeleton Brads For Crafting   -  Perfect for scrapbooking, making cards and any other kind of Halloween decorations.

How To Make A Skeleton From Cotton Swabs - A Q-Tip Skeleton  - Step by step instructions to make a skeleton from Q-tips!  

Ghost Craft Kits For Kids

Here are some fun Ghost Craft Kits that kids will enjoy making.  You can gather ideas for easy and fun craft projects from these pictures, you can order these craft kits or craft supplies, browse and enjoy yourself...hey, comments are always welcomed, so please drop me a note!

Here Come The Ghosts!!

The Halloween Ghost Door Hanger Kit

Fleece Ghost Tied Pillow Craft Kit

Make Ghost Pins With Your Kids!

How To Make Ghost Treat Bags 

If you need some treat bags and love the ghost theme, here are some instructions to help you make those bags yourself...they are easy, you only need bags, wiggle eyes and some ribbons.  Here are the instructions and links to the supplies you need.

This Ghost Necklace Is A Sweet Treat Craft Project

Big Foam Ghost Shapes Help Make Halloween Projects Easy And Fun

The Ghost Footprint Craft Kit

Make A Ghost Windsock With Your Kids - Use This As A Halloween Party Activity, At Home Or At School!

Ghost Paper Plate Craft For Kids

 Make A Halloween Ghost Paper Plate Decoration Or A Spider Paper Plate Decoration!

Ghost Flowerpot Craft Kit

This Little Ghost Flowerpot Craft Kit Doesn't Scare Me...He Is Cute As Can Be!

This Earring Craft Kit Makes 6 Ghost Earrings...Look How Cute They Are!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Halloween Bat Craft Ideas

Here is where you can find more fun Halloween craft ideas for kids!

Fun Crafts For Kids

Not A Craft - A Toddler's Costume!

This cute hand print craft kit comes with all the supplies you need to make 12 of these Batty Halloween decorations!

Fun Halloween Craft Supplies Kids Will Love

 Halloween colored letters are great for kid's arts and crafts projects.

These giant foam pumpkin shapes are the perfect craft supply for a kid's craft project for Halloween!

Stampers with iconic Halloween symbols - a spider, a witches hat, a pumpkin, a ghost and more...

You will find lots of Halloween stencils to help you craft your projects in the month of October.

Halloween colored buttons in purple, orange, green and black will help you to design many different craft projects with your kids this year.

This giant Halloween Embellishment Kit has 340 assorted Halloween brads in lots of Halloween shapes and colors.  pumpkin ribbon brads pumpkin brads candy corn brads flat brads in spider web spider and witch designs polka dot buttons and so many more.  This kit is ideal for kid's craft projects, scrapbookers, and Halloween card makers.

Halloween Scrapbook and Craft Papers

Sparkling Rhinestones - Self-Adhesive - For Halloween Crafts And Scrapbooking!

Skeleton Brads for scrapbooking and Halloween craft ideas.  There are also spider brads, eyeball brads and  Ghosts & Goblins brads!

Halloween Crafts For Kids

You can find all sorts of Halloween craft ideas for kids! Here are tons of craft supplies, craft ideas and craft kits to make the best Halloween decorations and fun stuff ever. If you are looking for some fun ideas with a Halloween twist, you've come to the right place. These craft kits are easy and fun. Most come with everything you need to complete the craft...with some you may have to supply something very basic, like glue. SO have fun looking over these cool craft ideas your kids will love.

Sticky Pumpkin Face Kit